Assisted Living / Call Alarm Systems

TekTone NC475
Pendants - EN1223S
Alphanumeric Pagers - Apollo Gold, Wireless Wave, GeoScope
DuraFon PSL Pro

Advance Connexions provides all levels of Integrated Assisted Living Call Alarm Systems from basic hard-wired installations to Digital Microprocessor and wireless supervised systems.

Derivatives of these systems, particularly the wireless versions, have many applications other than Call Alarm. Security for schools, hotels, RV dealers, and penitentiaries are just a few end-users of Integrated Call Alarm Systems.

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Tektone Wireless and Wired Nurse Call Systems:

Innovonics Wireless Systems:

  • Pendants, Transmitters, Receivers, Repeaters

WaveWare, Apollo, and GeoScope:

  • Pagers

Engenius Telephone Systems:

  • DuraFon Systems